For Women

Sofri Color Energy Facial Treatments

RED is for power-up treatments € 60,-
You possibly had to face business and existential challenges recently and did not have the time to balance this with a walk through nature. Soak up red, replenish your base with new power and energy and strengthen your primeval trust!
ORANGE – is for lifting treatments € 60,-
Have you recently felt as if you were mentally and physically walking on the spot and were unable to move forward? Orange will assist you in moving forward and allow you to let your joy of life sparkle!
YELLOW – is for Antiseptic treatments € 45,-
Deep down you know you want to change something in your life, however you might lack the courage to change things towards greater self-determination. Redefine your values and allow yellow to strengthen your trust in your new goal.
GREEN – is for balancing treatments € 50,-
Do you feel out of kilter on a personal level? Do you feel vulnerable and unbalanced? Dive in to the green of a forest – the vibrations of your heart will be harmonized and you will feel centred. Newly found self-love and love for others will allow you to embrace the world.
BLUE – is for calming treatments € 55,-
Has your voice failed, are you coughing or hoarse? Take a break from communicating with the outside world and listen to your inner voice. This might give you more freedom of expression!
INDIGO-LILAC – intensive moisturizing treatment € 60,-
Do you perceive daily things in a different way? Do you feel different? Your gut feeling kicks in and you would like to experience the world in a more intuitive and sensitive way. Own life visions are flowing in to your life.
VIOLET-WHITE – are pampering treatments for the most demanding skin € 68,-
Do you lately feel you need more time to yourself? More time for a retreat or yoga? The color violet leads us to a path of conscious development. Perhaps we read more books or attend seminars on these new areas in our life.


Cuperose treatment: for the sensitive skin on the cheeks € 60,-
Cleaness Intensive treatment: for blemished skin € 55,-
Cleaness Balance treatment: for blemished skin € 50,-
Energy Power handling: with coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, retinol, isoflavones € 75,-
Happy Aging Hyaluronic Acid Treatment
for intensive moisture and elasticity € 95,-
Grape cell rah regeneration treatment – the new dimension of beauty care for Happy Aging
Short-regeneration treatment € 49,-
Regeneration treatment € 55,-
Regeneration-moisturizing treatment € 70,-
Regeneration treatment with ultrasound € 88,-
small wrinkles and skin aging, pigment disorders, age and sun-damaged skin, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, strain or stretch marks € 80,-
Special Treatment
· Ultrasonic treatment
· Micro Massage
· Iontophoresis
· Akari color therapy
Price based on duration of treatment
Wellness Massage
Hot chocolate massage 60 min € 65,-
Ayurveda-Abhyanga treatment: the Queen of Ayurvedic oil massage with full body exfoliation and steam sauna 120 min € 120,-
Pantai Luar – Ostasiaatische Herbal Stamp massage 90 min € 85,-
Hot Stone massage 90 min. € 82,-
Minh massage with Element oil and acupressure 90 min. € 80,-
Thai Yoga Massage:
Thai Yoga Massage is an unique powerful body treatment also called “passive yoga” as the stretchings, extensions and joint mobilisations are deriving from yoga poses.
Thai Yoga massage 60 min. € 60,-
Thai Yoga massage 90 min. € 85,-
White chocolate massage 60 min. € 65,-
Hot Bamboo massage 90 min. € 75,-
Bathing Experiences
In the wirlpool bathstub 20 min.
· Lemongras bath
· Ginger – Lemongras Detox bath
€ 40,- wanne
– Lemongrass salt scrub in a heat and steam bath including water and fruit
– Lemongrass bath
€ 60,-
Heat & Steam
Cleaning the body in a naturally way with a salt-oil peeling. Including lime water and fruit.
for 1 person about 50 min. € 40,-
for 2 Person about 50 min. € 55,-
Body Peeling
Mt. Sapola sugar peeling 20 min. € 34,-
Body Wraps
Mt. Sapola body wraps 25 min. € 40,-
Mt. Sapola refreshing body spa 60 min € 59,-
Upper lip € 8,-
Face € 15,-
Armpit € 15,-
Bikini area € 16,-
Lower legs € 20,-
Complete legs € 40,-
Sugar wax
Bikini Landing Strip € 25,-
Brazilian Front € 30,-
Brazilian Hollywood € 35,-
Eyebrows and Eyelashes
Eyebrows Correction € 8,-
Eyelashes Coloring € 10,-
Eyebrows Coloring € 8,-
Eyelash Extension and Thickening € 150,-
Refills after 2 weeks € 50,-
Refills after 3 weeks € 75,-
Spa Manicure
What you have always dreamed available exclusively in our studio!Perfect nails with impeccable mirror polish. Absolutely scratch-resistant for 14 days, really!
Shellac Manicure: Handbath, removing cuticles, filing nails in form, care and shell SHELLAC polish. € 35,50
Shellac French- Manicure – Handbath, removing cuticles, filing nails in form, care and SHELLAC french polish. € 45,-
SPA Manicure, Beauty Manicure – Handbath, removing cuticles, filing nails in form, care and polish. € 23,-
SPA Manicure – Beauty Manicure, Peeling, massage and paraffin bath € 45,-
Mt. Sapola Hand Spa Deluxe 90 min. – Handbath and brushing, handpeeling, remove cuticles, handwraps, hand- arm- and neckmassage. € 59,-
Spa Pedicure
Shellac Pedicure – Footbath, removing cuticles, trimming and filing nails in form, care and SHELLAC polish € 42,-
SHELLAC French Pedicure – Footbath, removing cuticles, tri trimming m and filing nails in form, care and SHELLAC french polish € 45,-
SHELLAC remove polish € 10,-
Beauty Pedicure – Footbath, removing cuticles, trimming and filing nails in form, care and polish € 28,-
Beauty Pedicure – Peeling, massage and paraffin bath € 45,-
Mt. Sapola Foot Spa Treatment – Footbath and brushing, footpeeling, footmassage, relaxing and refreshing, 90 min. € 65,-
Foot Reflexology with hot stones 30 min. € 45,-
More beautiful – more tight – more sensual – more visible!
Cellulite, figure problems and overweight causes often dissatisfaction. It gnaws on your self-esteem.
Therefore, the elimination of this problem area is more important today than ever before. A good and healthy body sensation.
Use our SLIMYONIK programs to support:
– for reducing the circumference
– for loosing fat
– for reducing cellulite
– for regeneration
– for sports massage
– after pregnancy
– after liposuction / Cavitation
Single Treatment € 30,-
10 Cards SLIMYONIK plus one Treatment € 300,-
Slimyonik Body Contour Gel:
active ingredients such as camphor, rosemary,
nicotinic acid and menthol help to smooth and tighten
the skin surface. The “orange peel” effect will be reduced.
The thermal effect brings oxygen into the tissue and increases blood- and lymph circulation
€ 59,50
SLIMYONIK Bladder Complex Capsules – a positive contribution to compensate the acid alkaline balance on the basis of organic salts. € 39,50

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